Ugg Boots Cleaners


We can understand how valuable your Ugg boots are for you. Definitely, over time, they deserve the care and maintenance on a professional basis. In fact, the professional cleaning of your Ugg boots is the great way to make them look finer, fresher, and last longer!

We take up Ugg boot cleaning orders, no matter what the size or the style of the boots is. We thoroughly clean the boots from inside and outside to remove the stains, restore the colors, waterproof and repair them, and replace the zippers.

Our professional Ugg boots cleaning procedure covers the following:
• Systematic stain removal.
• Manual cleaning of the exteriors.
• Manual clean lining.
• Removal of water and salt stains.
• Dye rejuvenation.
• Steam finishing.
• Stain repellant.
• Refurbishment procedures involve thorough cleaning, dying, stitching, and material replacement.

Our fast, methodical and use of eco-friendly techniques for cleaning the Ugg boots embolden a mass of customers to choose us and make us Texas’ leading UGG boot cleaning specialists! We are happy to serve our customers like a dream on a shoestring budget.

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